The Medic Mum Podcast

The Medic Mum Podcast

It’s tough being pregnant or a new parent at the moment so we want to bring you some guidance, support and positivity, throwing in our experiences of parenthood too -- We are Dr Punam Krishan and Dr Stephanie Ooi, we're both GPs and mums and both recently had our youngest babies during lockdown.

You may think that being GPs means we have it all figured out but it couldn’t be further from the truth!

We are going to be with you every week - grab a cup of tea or even pop us on in the background!

Recent Episodes

Dr Steph's Fertility Journey

Dec. 6, 2021

This week we bring you a very special episode. Not only are we celebrating our 1 year podcast anniversary but also share a topic that is very close to our hearts. As part of fertility awareness week, we take a deep dive into…

Clare Bourne: All Things Pelvic Floor

Nov. 29, 2021

We were so happy to chat with our friend Clare Bourne ( @clarebournephysio on Instagram ) who is a pelvic floor physiotherapist, Mum to two little ones and all round lovely lady! Clare has been incredibly honest about her ex…

Rosey Davidson: Talking about Baby Sleep!

Nov. 22, 2021

This week Rosey Davidson aka Just Chill Mama joins us - Rosey is an infant sleep consultant and mum of three (including a newborn!). She joins us to chat about baby sleep & shares her pearls of wisdom as well as sharing her …

Tobi Asare - Preparing for Maternity Leave and Returning to Work with Confidence

Nov. 15, 2021

Tobi Asare is a Mum of two and the Founder of My Bump Pay which helps you smash the glass ceiling with a baby on the way and beyond. Tobi joins us to discuss the juggle! And she shares her tips on how you can best prepare fo…

Season 3 - We're Back!

Nov. 8, 2021

Todays episode is in partnership with Multi-Mam! Connect with us: Dr Punam: Dr Steph: Instagram: Website: https://ww…

Season Finale - Covid catch up & Back to school?

Aug. 16, 2021

This week in our season finale we round things off with chatting about how things have been after “freedom day”, sharing our mum wins/fails as usual plus talking about kids heading back to school soon! Dr Steph’s eldest is s…