Feb. 7, 2021

A Deep Dive into Postnatal Mental Health

A Deep Dive into Postnatal Mental Health

Mental Health in Pregnancy

[Trigger Warning] The content in this episode covers mental health, post traumatic stress disorder, post natal depression, postpartum psychosis and mentions of suicide. If you suspect you are experiencing any of these conditions or have experienced these conditions, listener discretion is advised. [Trigger Warning]

Sadly, even today, maternal mental health carries shame and stigma; we need to put an end to that and discuss this more openly to normalise it. Postnatally women experience varying degrees of mental health challenges and in this episode we cover it all from baby blues to the more serious impacts on mental health. More importantly we cover how to recognise the signs and manage maternal mental wellbeing. Dr Punam also shares her personal experience of birth trauma and postnatal depression. We have tried to make this serious topic as light and as easy a listen as possible, leaving you with positivity. We hope you find it helpful, if not for yourself, perhaps in recognising another mama who may need some help. 

If you are affected by any of the conditions covered in this episode, please do speak to your GP.

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