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New mums best friend.

Gave birth to my baby boy 3 months ago and this podcast has got me through many a sleepless night and self doubt. It’s reassurance when I need it, brings laughter when I least expect it but mostly a warm hug when everything gets too much. Highly recommend to new mums navigating motherhood in a pandemic.


Totally real and relatable! Love listening!


This podcast has helped me through many situations being a first time mum during the pandemic- so nice to not be alone with my worries!

Love this podcast...

Lots of great chat and advice in equal measures. I became a new mum during the pandemic and I find it such a comforting listen and I look forward to the new episodes!

Great podcast

As a fellow lockdown mum, this podcast is so relatable. Dr Steph and Dr Punam are so open and honest about their personal experiences, and bring with it their medical knowledge and a bit of humour which lets face it we all need right now!

A must for mums

So many useful topics discussed. An absolute must for mums!!!

Love these podcasts

Fantastic podcast to listen to 💜💜

Informative and Reassuring

As a FTM I love listening to this each week, it’s definitely a highlight!! I’ve shed tears whilst listening and have laughed along with the girls too. Thank you so much for this. It’s a lifesaver.

Fantastic podcast with real talk for mums!

I’ve been following Dr Stephanie and Dr Punam since becoming a first time mum last year. I was really excited when they announced their new podcast medic mums. I listen to it all the time on my walks with my little one and I can’t recommend it enough to first time mums. It’s like listening to a chat with friends who don’t judge and are here to help and support!

So many connections...a wonderful conversation

I listened to this podcast with my daughter and we both loved it. Fantastic insights into raising children in a multicultural household. Well done ladies... you’re putting a voice to many of the in said complexities around trying to keep cultures alive. Thank you !!

Great podcast

Love listening to this podcast. Having also had a baby in the pandemic, listening to these lovely ladies and what they chat about i can totally relate to and the advice is great. Thank you!

Real talk by Genuinely Lovely Doctors

So great to get an insight into the thoughts and experiences of fellow doctors and Mums, so full of wisdom and very relatable. Good job ladies !

Fun, relatable and insightful!

Such a good and fun listen. I love how real and honest these lovely ladies are. They make the hardships of parenting and the current times a bit more bearable. ❤️

Relatable, honest and real!

Love this podcast! These two are so relatable, honest and real. Plus some great advice too.

Love it

Love listening - it feels like going out for coffee with 2 likeminded friends. Really heartwarming listening with a good balance of chat and information.

Every new mum must listen

Never listened to podcasts before, but followed both lovely ladies on Instagram. I’m a first time mum living abroad from my mum in a pandemic. Listening to these two helps battle the nerves and inner seconding guessing we do as mums. Listening to them is like sitting down with your best pals and eating great chocolate cake! Warm feels and huge thank you to both mums for taking the time to support us all! Xxxx

Loved it

So easy to listen to while getting other things done. Good reliable info and opinions from doctors who are also mums. Looking forward to listening to more!

Brilliant podcast

A must listen podcast. Two very passionate medics speaking openly and honestly about their work, lives and motherhood. They come across as very compassionate and lovely people!! Would highly recommend.

Very relatable and engaging

Really informative and resonates with me, having had a baby myself during lockdown. It’s great to listen to their experiences as we often forget to share how we feel and it’s great to know you are not the only one feeling that way. Look forward to tuning in for more.

Great, real life, advice!

Fantastic podcast with loads of useful life lessons shared!

Very relatable

Love this! So honest and a perfect balance between medical and mum chat.